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Updated: May 9, 2020

One of the latest social media stars said this in a magazine interview:“I sometimes go to my boyfriend’s church and I see people catch the Holy Spirit. If that happened to me, I’d have to tell everyone about it. They just go home and gossip.”

FYI: everything written here  is not finger pointing, but rather an observation for all of us. If you get convicted, great, do something about it!

Wow! Reading that made me stop and think. What story is my  life telling? I had to ask myself, if I live as though my life has been forever changed. Can anyone, saved or unsaved, spend a day with me  and notice there’s a difference between me  and a non-Believer?

The #1 way to spread the gospel is through your LIFE. People judge Christians by the lifestyles they see other self proclaimed Christians live. This gives us all MIXED messages. Before I became a Believer, I just didn’t see how claiming to believe in Jesus meant anything for my life. It was hard to see from the outside how knowing Jesus changed your life. From my perspective, being Christian made some people really nice and it did absolutely nothing for others.

Of course, I eventually had my own personal encounter with God through Jesus as a result of experiencing His love through someone who was living the “change” you’d expect in a Christian. And now I’m head over heels in love and forever changed.

These Streets is Watching

Does this mean I’m perfect? Heck No! I’m working out my salvation and running my race every single moment, just like everybody else. However, if I’ve truly encountered the life changing God, then shouldn’t my life be changed?

Again, no one is perfect, nor will there ever be the perfect person. That’s what Jesus is for. Those that claim to love Him, are supposed to live in a way that bring Him glory. Yes, go to church on Sunday, do devotions, meet up for Bible Studies, pray, type “lmbo” instead of lmao and whatever else you can think of. These are good things to do. These also do not mean much to those watching you if at the same time you’re jumping from bed to bed, gossiping to any and everyone that’ll listen, arguing over nonsense, getting offended at the smallest things, and judging others for doing what you’re doing.

This is not an argument bullying anyone to begin healing people with only your shadow, making the lame walk, or raising the dead to life. Start basic with your attitude, your response under pressure, your relationships, and even your work habits. Believers and non-believers alike should be able to notice the Spirit of God in your life. No, this doesn’t mean be perfect, but it does mean be intentional about being a representative (2 Corinthians 5:20).

If you feel convicted, like I did, (or even offended) take a personal inventory. Ask God to show you where you aren’t as gentle, kind, or loving as He wants you to be. Figure out how you’ve messed up your witness of Christ to people. Maybe you’re easily offended, you argue a lot, you only treat people that can do something for you kindly, or you hold on to grudges too well. Whatever it is, repent, and change!

I know that I personally have areas I need to keep working on because these streets is watching. And I have to make sure that I don’t disqualify myself after sharing the gospel (1 Corinthians 9:27).

Going to church and being full of bible knowledge does not draw people to Christ. They’re drawn by the noticeable difference in us and how we love, have patience, have grace, show mercy and persevere.

All of this sounds hard or even  impossible to do. Quite frankly, it is! Read the words of Jesus, and He sets the bar higher than it ever was. But He also gives us a promise, an assurance despite our shortcomings: “With man this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.” That’s it: “with God”. We have to continually live our lives with God. Not just isolate Him to a day or two out of the week, but acknowledge His presence in everything that we do. There is no more effective witness to the power of God and resurrection of Christ, than a CHANGED LIFE!

A quote that I like to live by is: Preach the gospel always, only use words when necessary.”

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